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Here you will find all our tutorials from the Can Learn Library program. Every week we are uploading new DIY, hobby, cooking etc. video tutorials for you to enjoy.

If you follow along, please share your creations with us. Send any photos, tips or tricks to Videos are uploaded to our North Battleford Library Youtube Channel.

Happy creating!

Video 1 – Perogies!

Recipe found in the 25 Ingredients 50 Meals Recipe Collection.

Video 2 – Seed Bombs

Join us and make some seed bombs for your garden.

Video 3 – Melt and Pour Loofah Soap

Find out just how easy they are to make!

Video 4 -Carrot cake

Create a tasty treat from a recipe found in the 25 Ingredients 50 Meals Recipe Collection.

Video -5 -Magazine Gift Bow

Discover how to create a gift bow using pages of a magazine.Music by

Video – 6- Fairy Garden Book

When you combine a book and some plants, magic is not far away.

Video -7- Carrot Potato Pancakes

A tasty recipe to try making at home found in the 25 ingredients, 50 recipes pdf

Video -8- DIY Candy Jar

A simple and fun way to create storage space for your secret sweet stash.

Video -9- Mixed Bean Salad

Now that summer is officially here, a mixed bean salad is a great make ahead for your outdoor (could be indoor as well) dining. It is quick to make and nutritious for you and your family.Found in the 25 ingredients, 50 recipes pdf

Video-10-Easy DIY Sun-catcher

Put together a fun sun-catcher that you can hang in your window for a few rays.

Video-11-Hearty Vegetable Soup

Try your hand at making this hearty soup with few ingredients and a short time for preparation.Found in the 25 ingredients, 50 recipes pdf

Video-12-Oatmeal Milk Bath

Put together a homemade Oatmeal Milk Bath that will help moisturize and gently exfoliate your skin in the bath.

Video-13-DIY Tile Cube Planter/Pencil Holder

With a few ceramic tiles, you can make a planter or pencil holder.

Video-14-Creamy Rice Pudding 

A dessert that is tasty hot or cold. Found in the 25 ingredients-50 recipes pdf

Vide0 -15-Scrabble Coaster

If you love playing Scrabble, you will have fun making a Scrabble tile coaster.

Video-16-Spanish Rice

Put a little zip in your rice when you are making supper. Recipe from the PDF  “25 ingredients, 50 recipes” put out by the Dietitians of Saskatchewan.

Video-17-Classic Macaroni Salad

Try the classic macaroni salad for the hot days of summer or family gatherings. Recipe from the PDF  “25 ingredients, 50 recipes” put out by the Dietitians of Saskatchewan.

Video-18-Creating Art with Beans

Art comes in many forms. For a textured look, try bean art on a canvas.

Video-19-Tuna Rice Casserole

Try a variation of the classic Tuna Casserole that was a staple in the 1960s and 1970s.This recipe serves 4.

Recipe from the PDF  “25 ingredients, 50 recipes” put out by the Dietitians of Saskatchewan.

Video 20-Map Magnet

Map magnets are a quick and easy craft for all ages!

Video 21-Chili Con Carne

This recipe has been around for many years. Try it and add onto it with some of your favourite ingredients.

Recipe from the PDF “25 ingredients, 50 recipes” .

Video 22-Tie Dye Face Mask

Turn a plain white face mask into a colourful mask of necessity.

Video 23 – Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Try making a pumpkin cookie recipe that is soft, chewy, and loaded with pumpkin flavor. It is the season.

Video 24-Tinted Glass Jars

Add a little colour inside your home with tinted glass jars.

Video 25 – Flapper Pie

Try making this delicious pie-a prairie classic!

Video 26 -A Spooky Spell Book

Create your very own spooky spell book for some Halloween fun!
A simple but fun twist on the traditional popcorn ball.
Tasty any time of the year!
Try a small project to see if chalk painting catches your attention!
Homemade Eggnog is EASY to make! Just cream, sugar, eggs, and spices. Enjoy it spiked or without alcohol for a kid-friendly version.
Create a Scrabble Christmas Ornament for someone you know using their name or a seasonal word.
Include your kids in making this fun project, spend an afternoon making homemade ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree this year!

These light and sweet whipped shortbread cookies are quick and easy to make. They make the perfect Christmas cookies!

Video 33 – Sucre a la Creme Fudge

Making fudge in the microwave is easy and this recipe is a timeless tradition in Québec. Sucre à la Crème is a smooth, creamy and decadent treat made very simply with sugar and cream.

Video 34 – Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Craft

If you want to try an artistic type craft, try using alcohol inks with plastic wrap and a ceramic dish. You will be truly amazed how it will turn out!

Video 35 – Bannock Burger

In 50 minutes you can have homemade bannock burgers for four people.
Add a salad and you have a meal!

Video 36 – More Adventures with Chalk paint

Putting a stencil with chalk paint on a wooden tray and Mod Podge together equals a unique way to dress up a blank tray.

Video 37 – Resin Coasters/Paperweight

There are many ideas for resin coasters, as you can embed all kinds of things in resin from plastic to metal, clay, and glitter.

Video 38 – Sharpie Dyed Tile Coaster

These Sharpie dyed tile coasters are different each time you do it and they are really easy to make. It is a great project for all ages.

Video 39 – Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole

A quick and easy casserole for those winter days courtesy of the Dieticians of Saskatchewan.

Video 40 – How to make Necklaces using Alcohol Ink on Metal

Using alcohol ink on metal is very easy, and here is a fun jewelry project using this technique. You need few supplies, which is nice.
A nutritious side dish that serves 8 with special thanks to the Dieticians of Saskatchewan-25 ingredients-50 meals pdf.
Video 42 -DIY Painted Book Stacks

If you have some old books lying around that you won’t be reading again, you can re-purpose them to make this painted book stack.
A tangy soup to make for your family today or any day!
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