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Lakeland Library Region residents

You can apply for a library card at the Library Branch nearest to your home at no charge or print and fill out the application form from the link below, and take it to your home branch. Please bring photo ID with proof of current address to register for your library card.

Library cards can be issued to people of any age. If you are under 14 years of age you will need to have your parent or guardian present to sign the registration form and accept responsibility for all use made of the card.

Your library card can be used at any public library in Saskatchewan.

A Library card must be used by the person to whom it is issued and be presented each time you borrow materials. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card until you notify the Library that your card is lost.

Please contact the library immediately if you lose your card or change your address or telephone number. A charge of $3.00 is made for replacing a lost or stolen card.

Not from a Lakeland community?

Non-residents of Saskatchewan may be eligible for service — staff at the your branch can provide the most current information.


Library Card Application

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to obtain a library card in Saskatchewan, one piece of ID must be able to be used for proof of address and one for ID purposes. Any identification that meets the criteria for ID purposes and also contains proof of address (e.g. Driver’s License) is acceptable.

Adults (ages 18+)

  • Saskatchewan Driver’s License
  • Government ID card
  • Saskatchewan Vehicle Registration
  • Passport
  • Postmarked mail with your current address on it

Young Adults (ages 14-17)

  • Student Card
  • Parent ID (parent must sign for the card)
  • Driver’s License
  • Government ID card

Children (ages 13 and under)

  • Parents/guardians will be requested to sign. Parent/guardian identification will suffice, along with the child’s health card.
  • Driver’s License
  • Letter/envelope sent from library with cancelled postage
  • Personal cheque
  • Utility bill or other government correspondence that shows the current address
  • For library card issuance on reserve, have someone from Chief and Council verify residency for the person on a list or in person, as a means to remove barriers to library use. This person verifying is not accountable for funds owing for loss and fines.
  • Teachers/Principal to verify for the person on a list or in person, as a means to remove barriers to library use. The process must coincide with documentation signed by the parent or caregiver verifying guardianship. This person verifying is not accountable for funds owing for loss and fines.

Check out books, DVDs, CDs, Magazines, and more.
Access online articles, newspapers and databases.
Download eBooks and eAudiobooks.
Use library computers and Wi-Fi.

You are the only one who can use your card. You are responsible for all items signed out on your card.

If you want to pick up holds for your spouse or partner, you can have your accounts linked in the system, meaning you can use your card to sign out an item for your spouse.

Please note that if you have a child under 14 years of age who has a library card, age restrictions apply: DVDs and video games with a rating of 14+ cannot be signed out on your child’s card.

Most items: 30 cents/day
Young Adult: 20 cents/day
Children’s books: No fines
Express Books & DVDs: $1.00/day
DVDs: $1.00/day
Video games: $1.00/day

Please take care of library materials. Damaged and lost items are assessed and you will be fined the replacement cost. If you find and return a lost item within 6 months of paying a lost item charge, we will refund your payment, excluding the $7.00 processing fee.

Please let library staff know if you lose one or both parts of your card. There will be a $3 charge to replace lost or stolen cards. You must show photo ID at the front desk to get a replacement card.

Your card will be renewed once a year. Please let us know if you change your contact information, including your phone number, mailing address, and email address. An address check is done once every three years.

Saskatchewan works on a One Province, One Card system. This means:

  • You can use your Saskatchewan public library card to borrow items from any public library in the province.
  • You may also return items you have borrowed to any public library throughout Saskatchewan.