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NB Library Book Club now online

The North Battleford Library Adult Book Club has gone online. How exciting for everyone!

Here’s how it works: Every month we read a book. Just one book a month. Nothing that scary. We will try to announce the book at the very beginning of the month so you will have a little time to find an e-book/e-audiobook copy or check the book out from the North Battleford Library. It will always be the same book as the book selected for the in person book club meeting at the library. At the end of every month we will host an online discussion of the book on the blog. We’ll also post relevant content such as interviews and videos.

This blog is meant to compliment the in person book club but also reach those people who prefer to participate from a  distance. We’ll try to have variety, reading different authors and subject matters as often as we can. We are very open to suggestions but most selections will be chosen a few months in advance.

This discussion board is meant to be an open discussion among  participants.You are welcome to share your thoughts and honest opinions. Please ask questions and leave comments. We want to hear from you! You also are free to comment on any topics you wish to discuss that pertain to the reading program, the book itself or similar ideas.

We will monitor the discussion board and remove any content that is inappropriate. You are welcome to share your opinions but please remain respectful.

Public libraries have come a long way over the years. Libraries are so much more than just dusty books. Libraries are gathering hubs for communities.  More and more libraries are making their spaces more creative and livelier for people of all ages by improving digital literacy and access.We hope you enjoy this space as much as we do. Happy Reading all!

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